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    How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Benefit Younger Men

    Posted: August 5, 2019

    Testosterone Replacement TherapyDid you know that you might still benefit from testosterone replacement therapy even if you’re younger than 30? Many people might think of low testosterone as something that afflicts men as they get older, and while men’s testosterone levels may begin to drop after the age of 30, they can still suffer from low t at younger ages.

    Low T Symptoms

    Symptoms of low testosterone in younger men do not differ from the same condition in older men, but they seem more pronounced simply because of the age of the man suffering from them. A low sex drive, fatigue, depression, weight gain and insomnia are among those symptoms. What is often called “brain fog,” which refers to trouble concentrating or a fuzzy brain, can also be the result of low testosterone.

    The challenge for many older men in realizing that they have low testosterone and seeking a diagnosis is that they might assume that some of the symptoms are simply the result of aging or are because of other conditions that they have. The challenge for younger men is in getting medical providers to test for low testosterone. Too often, it is assumed that low testosterone is not a young man’s problem. In fact, identifying low testosterone at any age and treating it if necessary with testosterone replacement therapy is an important element of men’s health.

    Causes of Low Testosterone in Younger Men

    A number of lifestyle factors can cause low testosterone in younger men. Lifestyles factors can include being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excessive alcohol consumption, or steroid use. These conditions and behaviors can be linked to low testosterone in men under 30.

    Identifying and Treating Low Testosterone

    Many cases of low testosterone do not have a single identifiable cause and can be effectively treated with testosterone replacement therapy. Tests can detect whether a young man’s testosterone levels are on the low side of normal or below normal, and TRT can bring them back up to normal levels. It should not take very long after starting treatment for symptoms to begin abating.

    If you are suffering from symptoms you believe may be related to low testosterone, schedule a men’s health assessment today by making an appointment online with Low T Center.

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