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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Gels vs. Injections

    Posted: March 17, 2023

    Do you have low testosterone levels? If so, you may be considering testosterone replacement therapy for treatment. There are many different treatment options to choose from, including injections and gels. However, we prefer to prescribe injections because many of our patients find them more effective and convenient. So, if you’re considering testosterone therapy, opt for injections – they’re better for your health and your lifestyle! Read on to learn more about the benefits of injections over gels for testosterone therapy.

    If you’re struggling with fatigue, low sex drive, and other symptoms, make an appointment with our team today to learn if you have low testosterone.

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Injections vs. Gels

    Smiling man on testosterone replacement therapy

    Shots may be a better option than gels for testosterone replacement therapy.

    For men with low testosterone levels, there are two popular treatments to consider: testosterone injections and testosterone gels. Both options can help boost a man’s energy levels, improve muscle strength, reduce depression or anxiety, and improve sexual function. But as it turns out, testosterone injections may be the better choice. There are many reasons that injections are more popular than gels for our patients, including better absorption for more stable treatment, more convenience, and fewer side effects. Since testosterone injections deliver medicine directly into the bloodstream, rather than being rubbed onto the skin like gels, they can start working right away for fast-acting treatment to help you feel your best ASAP.

    Why Choose Injections for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

    Testosterone injections are a clear choice as a safe and effective treatment for many men dealing with low levels of the hormone. Benefits include faster absorption into the bloodstream, better control over dosage levels, and greater convenience – no need to worry about transferring it to others or limiting your normal activities. Also, testosterone injections are longer-lasting, meaning you only need a shot a few times a month, rather than applying the gel every single day. If you’re one of the millions of men struggling with low testosterone, talk to our team today about how testosterone injections can help you feel better.

    TRT Injections Absorb Better Than Gels

    Because testosterone injections are just that—an injection—they directly enter a person’s bloodstream, giving men with low testosterone levels quick access to the testosterone they need to improve symptoms like fatigue, low sex drive, and mood changes. On the other hand, gels must first be absorbed through the skin before they can take effect, meaning it takes much longer for a man to feel the desired outcome.

    What’s more, testosterone gels have a really variable absorption rate. How much of the medicine you absorb depends on many factors and will be different for each person. It can even be different based on where you apply the gel, so some days you may get more testosterone than others. By contrast, testosterone replacement therapy injections offer a much more stable absorption rate across all users. This means treatment is much more predictable to help you feel your best each day. The injection itself only takes seconds and many report feeling the effects right away. This shorter wait time combined with well-regulated effects means that an injection of testosterone is often viewed as the superior option when compared to testosterone gels.

    Injections Offer More Precise Dosing

    Because absorption is so variable for testosterone gels, it can make getting an optimized dosage for testosterone replacement therapy really difficult. A lot of trial and error is required to get the dose and formulation just right. Even if you do find the right dose, that can actually change with minor things like how dry your skin is or where you decide to apply it on a particular day. As a result, you might have a lot of fluctuating effects during treatment. Some days you may get the right amount of testosterone and others days you may not and experience low T symptoms.

    Testosterone therapy injections, on the other hand, provide consistent results over time. Our providers work with you to find the custom dose you need to feel great and you get that exact dose throughout therapy. Therefore, testosterone injections can provide you with more precise dosing for better results over time.

    Fewer Side Effects from Testosterone Injections

    Injections offer several advantages over gels when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. One of the biggest advantages is that injections are much less likely to cause side effects than gels. Because the medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream, it is quickly absorbed and metabolized. This often means fewer potential side effects. While you might have some minor discomfort at the injection site, most men who use testosterone injections enjoy side effect free treatment.

    Skin Irritation is Common with Testosterone Gels

    One of the biggest issues with testosterone gels is they often cause skin irritation at the application site. That’s why usually doctors recommend using the gel in a different place each day to give your skin a rest. So, if you choose gels for testosterone replacement therapy, you might struggle with rashes and discomfort wherever you apply the gel. Since gels need to be applied on a daily basis, this also means little relief from skin irritation if you struggle with this side effect. Thankfully, men have a better option in testosterone injections to avoid this uncomfortable side effect.

    Injections Don’t Transfer with Contact & Are Safer For Those Around You

    When men have low testosterone, they often turn to treatments like gels for relief. But one of the major drawbacks to using topical testosterone gels is that, if it comes into contact with someone else, it can lead to health issues for them. Anyone that touches the gel on your skin can absorb the testosterone medication, which can seriously affect their health. This is particularly true for women and young children, who can suffer from serious symptoms and health problems due to accidental testosterone gel transfer, like:

    • Facial or body hair growth
    • Acne
    • Aggressive behavior
    • Birth defects

    Unfortunately, using testosterone gels puts your partners and other loved ones at risk for these issues because they may touch you at the application site. That’s why many men prefer the safer option of testosterone injections instead, as they cannot transfer to others by accident. These are a good option for increasing your testosterone levels for low testosterone without putting those around you at risk.

    Testosterone Replacement Injections Don’t Limit Your Daily Activities

    Another benefit of testosterone injections over gels is that they are incredibly convenient and don’t limit what you do on a daily basis. With testosterone gels, they do require restrictions in terms of day-to-day routines, as some activities can negatively affect absorption. Here is a short list of just some of the activities that may be limited when using gels for testosterone replacement therapy:

    • Showering
    • Exercising
    • Sweating
    • Swimming

    Each of these activities can affect testosterone gel absorption, so you’ll have to avoid them for several hours after applying the gel. Essentially, this means the treatment controls what you can and can’t do with your day. This is a huge drawback for many men.

    Instead, testosterone injections are effective and convenient, allowing you to go about your day as normal. With testosterone injections, you simply take a few minutes for your shot and you’re back to business as usual. You can shower, work out, swim, sweat, go to work, or any other activity you have planned for the day. With testosterone injections, you can get back to doing all your normal everyday activities with peace of mind.

    Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Your Own Home with Our Self-Inject Program

    Our self-inject program is the perfect solution if you’re looking to treat your low testosterone levels at home. Our program ships everything you need right to your doorstep. It’s quick and convenient to start your personalized treatment program for low T. Once enrolled, you’ll even have access to comprehensive support resources, ensuring help and guidance every step of the way. Getting started is easy and you don’t have to worry about making it to the clinic for your shots or taking a trip to the pharmacy before it closes – we send everything you need right to you for easy, convenient testosterone replacement therapy. Our self-inject system makes treating low testosterone easier than ever before and it’s one of the lowest cost at-home programs in the country!

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy Solutions from Low T Center

    Testosterone injections have quickly become established as the gold standard for testosterone replacement therapy. As a powerful and convenient solution, they are an ideal treatment choice for those suffering from low testosterone. Our team at Low T Center is here to provide you with customized treatment options so you can get back to living life with more energy and vitality. We help you take charge of your health and can answer any questions or address any concerns you have.  What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Low T Center today! We’ll help you restore your testosterone levels so you can get back to feeling like yourself again!

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