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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Injections vs. Pills

    Posted: March 9, 2022

    There are many options available if you need testosterone replacement therapy for testosterone deficiency. Many men need ongoing testosterone treatment for low testosterone levels, often for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it’s important to find medication options that work well for you and your lifestyle.

    man in military uniform who uses testosterone replacement therapy for health

    Testosterone replacement therapy can help alleviate symptoms of low testosterone.

    Today, there are several treatment options available for testosterone deficiencies. One common question is whether pills or injections are better. Of course, this ultimately depends on you and your individual circumstances. However, we will go over some general information that may help you choose between testosterone pills and injections.

    Who Needs Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

    Before we discuss different testosterone replacement methods, it’s important to understand who needs this type of treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy, also known as TRT, is commonly prescribed for men with low testosterone levels.

    Testosterone is a hormone that does many key things in your body. It aids in red blood cell production, sex drive, and your energy levels. When your testosterone levels are low, you may experience many symptoms that can be disruptive to your everyday life. That’s what brings most men in to seek treatment from our providers.

    However, we should also note that testosterone deficiency can cause many other issues with your health. For example, it can increase your risk for other conditions like diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Therefore, low testosterone can negatively affect your health in many ways.

    There may be many different causes of low testosterone levels. One of the most common causes is age-related decline. Our testosterone levels naturally start to decline at a rate of about 1% to 2% after around age 30. However, some men experience more drastic decreases that can cause unwanted symptoms and health risks.

    Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the most popular treatments for testosterone deficiency. It involves supplementing the testosterone levels in your blood to increase them to healthy ranges. If you think you have low testosterone, our healthcare providers are here to help you find treatment solutions that work well for you.

    Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    As we mentioned, low testosterone can cause many unwanted symptoms. Many people associate these symptoms with normal aging, but they can actually be a sign of testosterone deficiency. Some of these symptoms include:

    • Low sex drive
    • Fatigue
    • Weight gain
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Depression
    • Irritability
    • Anxiety
    • Loss of muscle mass
    • Muscle weakness
    • Erectile dysfunction

    If you’re experiencing these symptoms, visit one of our convenient locations for help. Our team offers diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing treatment optimization for low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy may relieve your symptoms and help you live a fuller, and more engaged life.

    New Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pill

    As you may have heard, there is a new type of testosterone replacement therapy on the market. The testosterone undecanoate pill is the generic name for the brand Jatenzo®. Jatenzo was approved by the FDA in March of 2019, making it fairly new on the market.

    This new pill works like other testosterone treatment options: by increasing testosterone levels in the body. Previously, many testosterone pills were denied by the FDA because they were often metabolized too quickly by the liver, making it difficult for the body to absorb enough of the testosterone to be effective for treatment. Many also negatively affected the liver, causing liver toxicity. That’s why there has been a lot of hype about Jatenzo as the new testosterone replacement therapy pill.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that this treatment option isn’t right for everybody. There are some downsides you should know if you’re researching testosterone pills for your low testosterone.

    Drawbacks of Testosterone Pills

    One of the main disadvantages of the testosterone pill is that it’s not meant for age-related testosterone decline. Therefore, many men who need testosterone replacement therapy simply aren’t eligible to use Jatenzo testosterone pills.

    This medication is only approved for men with certain types of low testosterone. For example, testosterone deficiencies caused by undescended testes, Klinefelter’s syndrome, and pituitary tumors. Jatenzo hasn’t been studied for men with age-related testosterone declines and many believe the potential drawbacks outweigh the benefits for men with this type of low testosterone.

    In addition, this medication comes with a boxed warning from the FDA (one of the strictest warnings the FDA provides) for high blood pressure. This means the medicine may cause a serious increase in blood pressure that could increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.

    Another potential drawback for many men is that the pills are short-acting. Most men need to take two pills each day, once in the morning and once at night. In addition, you need to take it with food to help your body absorb the testosterone. Some people may find that it’s difficult or inconvenient to remember to take multiple pills each day with food.

    Why Choose Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections

    Many men prefer testosterone injections over other treatment options. These treatments are quick, convenient, and also can be used to increase testosterone levels for men with age-related testosterone deficiencies.

    When comparing testosterone injections to testosterone pills, there are several differences. The first is that you need fewer doses with testosterone replacement therapy injections. While each person’s treatment plan is a little different, typically you need just one shot a week to restore testosterone levels to healthy ranges.

    In addition, testosterone injections may offer improved dosage control as well. Jatenzo testosterone pills come in just three doses to choose from. By contrast, our team can adjust your injections by smaller increments to help optimize your treatment.

    Convenient Testosterone Shots At Home or in Our Men’s Health Clinic

    Testosterone injections can be incredibly convenient. We work with you to find treatment solutions that suit your lifestyle and offer testosterone replacement therapy injections both in-office at our men’s health clinic and also in the comfort of your own home. This way, you can choose which option works best for you.

    With in-office injections, we have a streamlined process to help you get in and out of the office quickly and get back to your busy lifestyle. Once a week, you simply come in, fill out a health questionnaire, and get a shot from one of our professionals.

    However, we understand this option may not work well for some men. In these cases, we offer at-home treatment options through our self-inject testosterone program. At-home testosterone replacement therapy means you get a kit of everything you need shipped right to your door. We teach you how to give yourself a testosterone shot in the office and provide remote treatment and health monitoring through our app. This means fewer in-office visits while still getting the treatment you need for low testosterone.

    Healthcare Solutions Tailored to You at Low T Center

    Our professionals at Low T Center are dedicated to helping you feel your best. We offer total healthcare solutions for men by diagnosing and treating underlying causes of your symptoms. We believe in providing quality healthcare for men that is affordable, simple, and convenient. Visit one of our convenient locations today to discuss your symptoms and customized treatment plans with our providers. Make an appointment today!

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