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    The Mental and Physical Side Effects of Low Testosterone

    Posted: November 11, 2014

    Low testosterone has become a hot topic. Doctors and researchers have just begun to understand the ramifications of low testosterone levels. As far as symptoms go, you’ve probably heard about the sexual side effects of low T. But low testosterone levels can account for so much more than a lack of interest in the bedroom.

    Mental Symptoms

    Low testosterone not only affects your body, but it also affects your mind and general feeling of well-being. Lesser-known symptoms include depression, confusion, irritability, and fatigue. A hormonal imbalance can throw everything out of whack. With inadequate levels of testosterone, the brain doesn’t get all of the signals it needs in order to function at its peak. Along with a general feeling of the blues, low testosterone can affect sleeping patterns and sap your energy. No matter how much rest you get, you never seem to feel quite up to par.

    Physical Symptoms

    Low testosterone can affect other parts of your body in multiple ways. Many of these symptoms can make a man feel less masculine. Low testosterone can cause more body fat and less muscle mass, giving the body a softer, rounder shape. Even worse, some men with low testosterone develop gynecomastia, which is an enlargement of the breasts. In a general sense, the lack of testosterone can cause the body to take on a slightly more feminine shape. On a more serious note, it can also cause bone loss or thinning bones. All of these physical symptoms can not only be frustrating to your ego, but also detrimental to your overall health.

    These symptoms may seem like they occur more rapidly as a man ages. This is mostly because testosterone production slows naturally with age. Not only older men suffer from a deficiency in the male hormone; Low T can affect men at any age. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, the best thing to do is get your hormone levels checked.

    For men with low testosterone, help is available in the form of injections, like those provided at Low T Center. Treatment is convenient and effective, and we can determine if you are a candidate for testosterone injections with a simple blood test on your first visit. 

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