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    What’s the Reason for Grumpy Old Man Syndrome?

    Posted: March 30, 2015

    At the gym the other day, I was doing my usual pre-workout warm up routine, when I noticed a male member — a guy who I see almost every time I’m in for a workout — I think in his late 60s/early 70s, pacing nervously over by the bank of treadmills to my left. Every 30 seconds he glanced sideways at the woman on the end treadmill, slowly paced away muttering to himself, only to return moments later. My joints and muscles got nice and warm that day, as I didn’t want to miss finding out what this guy’s deal was. After about 10 minutes, the woman (who was just walking at a normal pace watching TV) wrapped up and wiped her machine down, casually carrying on her way, oblivious to the gentleman who had been eyeing her.  After she exited, he eagerly climbed aboard the end treadmill, pushed a few buttons, and began his slow jog.  And then it hit me.

    That is the exact same spot that I see this guy every time I’m in — end treadmill, slow jog. He was ruffled because someone was in “his” way, in “his” area, on “his” treadmill.  Never mind that there were 5 open treadmills on the other side of the room — his routine was interrupted and therefore he was irritated.

    Why do we males turn into stereotypical “grumpy old men” as we age? And is there anything we can do about it?

    Once men pass the age of 30, the body will start decreasing the natural production of testosterone — the hormone that gives us energy and makes us who we are. As this decline occurs, other things deteriorate as well — our athleticism, our strength, our speed, our sexual prowess. Things we’ve taken pride in and identified heavily with.  These changes occur gradually over time, often unnoticed, and eventually our moods and motivation are also affected — enough to make any of us grumpy and irritable, fulfilling the stereotype just like my fellow gymgoer.

    Fortunately medical research has improved to where we now know that we don’t have to suffer through our remaining years living this way as generations of men before us were resigned to do. Help is available, and a great option for any man is Low T Center. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. After administering a simple blood test to check your testosterone levels, we will implement the best treatment protocol available, in the most professional and confidential way possible. Results and treatment can begin as early as the first visit.

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