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    Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

    • Daytime fatigue
    • Loud/frequent snoring
    • Silent pauses in breathing
    • Choking or gasping sounds
    • Insomnia
    • Morning headaches
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Irritability
    • Awaken with dry mouth/sore throat

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    How Treatment Works for Sleep Apnea

    Your path to better rest takes four steps:

    1. Health Assessment
      If your symptoms and responses to Sleep questions indicates you may have sleep apnea, your provider may recommend a simple home sleep test. The technology provided is simple to use and monitors your breathing during sleep. The results of the test determine if you are suffering from sleep apnea, and if so, at what level of severity from mild to moderate to severe.
    2. Personalized Plan
      Depending on what your sleep study reveals, your sleep apnea could be treated with certain lifestyle changes (smoking cessation or weight loss), or breathing device such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), or dental appliance. If your sleep apnea treatment requires a CPAP machine, a physician board-certified in sleep medicine oversees your regimen to fit and calibrate the machine. Low T Center’s Head of Sleep Medicine works with your provider to coordinate your sleep apnea treatment plan.
    3. Treatment Regimen
      Your treatment regimen is based on your personalized plan. Every night your sleep data is sent through a proprietary interface directly to your Low T medical chart, enabling your provider to monitor and adjust your device so you can achieve optimum results.
    4. Optimization and Prevention
      Once your regimen is underway to address sleep apnea (or other underlying conditions), your provider will optimize treatment to maximize your health and wellness.

    Cost of Sleep Apnea Treatment

    Low T Center is in network with most insurance providers. The cost for sleep apnea treatment is dependent upon your individual health insurance plan. Patients are responsible for all applicable deductibles or co-pays under the terms of their plans.

    Potential Side Effects of Sleep Apnea Treatment

    Just as each patient’s experience with sleeping difficulties is unique, so is his experience with CPAP. Success depends on working with your medical provider to maintain proper adjustment of the device. Your medical provider will discuss potential side effects and contraindications based on your physiology and treatment experience.

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    Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment with Low T Center

    Sleep apnea treatment can help you regain normal breathing during sleep, leading to better-quality rest, improved clarity and concentration, increased libido, and fewer headaches.

    Because Low T Center takes a holistic approach to men’s healthcare, our medical professionals can proactively address other conditions you’re currently experiencing, or could experience later on. These conditions may also affect sleep apnea.

    Our providers get to know you on a personal level and gather important health data often to assess progress with greater efficiency.

    At Low T Center, we focus on treating your sleep apnea symptoms so you can feel better — and get the rest you deserve.