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    • The Rise of Low Testosterone in Young Men

      Alarmingly, it is becoming increasingly common for men under the age of 40 to have lower-than-normal testosterone levels. This often translates to problems such as a decrease in sex drive, an increase in body fat, and lower energy and motivation. These symptoms are significantly debilitating for men at this age as this is a busy […]

    • Low Testosterone Causes Muscle Loss

      You may have noticed that you do not feel as strong as you used to, or that you have less muscle mass overall, even though you are trying to stay fit and healthy. The culprit could be low testosterone.  Loss of muscle is a common sign of low testosterone. Research shows that decreased levels of […]

    • High Stress Makes Testosterone Levels Drop

      High stress may be having a bigger impact on your health than you realize. Stress can directly affect your body in many ways, including your hormone levels. It has been linked to a corresponding drop in your normal testosterone levels, leading to imbalance. When your hormones are out of balance, activities that require stamina, concentration, […]

    • Low T Contributes to Dangerous Visceral Fat Buildup

      Low testosterone can put you at a higher risk for long-term health impacts, especially if you are experiencing weight gain around your midsection. Men who suffer from low levels of testosterone are also vulnerable to a buildup of dangerous amounts of visceral fat.  Visceral fat is belly fat deep within your abdominal cavity. It envelops […]