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    • How Often Do I Need to Get Testosterone Injections?

      Testosterone replacement therapy is the most effective option to regulate the level of this hormone in your body. An important part of this treatment includes getting regular injections of testosterone. But how often do these treatments need to be done? Receiving testosterone injections every 7 to 10 days is considered the optimal frequency to maximize […]

    • TRT vs. Ashwagandha Testosterone Supplements

      From decreased libido to low energy, the signs of low testosterone can cause a ripple effect in your life and limit your ability to stay productive and positive. While there are numerous testosterone supplement options vying for your attention, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) stands out as the most effective yet safe solution for men looking […]

    • Everyday Foods That Help Increase Your Testosterone

      You may be researching foods that increase your testosterone as an easy way to naturally increase your testosterone levels. A healthy diet can help, but it will not work as a standalone solution for low testosterone. Medical intervention with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the only proven, effective method for restoring your depleted testosterone levels.  […]

    • The Rise of Low Testosterone in Young Men

      Alarmingly, it is becoming increasingly common for men under the age of 40 to have lower-than-normal testosterone levels. This often translates to problems such as a decrease in sex drive, an increase in body fat, and lower energy and motivation. These symptoms are significantly debilitating for men at this age as this is a busy […]