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    • How to Talk to Your Doctor About Low Testosterone Levels

      What is the first thing men do when we have to talk about something uncomfortable? We avoid it. If we walk away and focus on something else, the issue will magically disappear — right? Unfortunately, our avoidance can be detrimental to our health. For a growing number of men in America, declining testosterone levels — […]

    • Do You Know the Signals of Waning Testosterone?

      Remember that scrawny kid in grade school who always wanted to join the football or basketball games but rarely got picked to be on a team or, worse, got made fun of? What we didn’t know back then was a) how to not be insensitive jerks and b) that being small was not his fault. […]

    • Understanding the Truth About Low Testosterone

      For men, going to the doctor is like paying taxes, getting a driver’s license renewed, or emptying the dishwasher — we do it only when absolutely necessary. Whatever it is that’s bothering us, we can tough it out, deal with it, or hope it will just go away. If you had a broken arm, would […]

    • Why Low Testosterone Is Linked to Chronic Fatigue in Men

      Mood swings, lack of energy, bitchiness, and decreased sex drive are common fodder for discussion among men who have wives or significant others who have experienced menopause. The hormonal changes that women go through during menopause can manifest in all of those symptoms and more, in addition to physical side effects like hot flashes and […]