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    • How Testosterone Affects Sleep in Men

      Few things feel better than a deep, dreamless, relaxing sleep. But it becomes increasingly harder to get when we are trying to juggle the demands of work and family. Real sleep disturbance, and consequently real fatigue, comes along not when the hours we sleep are reduced, but rather when the quality of sleep is affected. […]

    • How Testosterone Affects Your Strength and Muscle Mass

      As people age, they lose their strength and stamina. The normal process of aging includes losing mass, strength, and flexibility in the muscles. It can be quite frustrating and even debilitating. But the experience is not the same for men and women. Recent studies have shown that as men age, they actually lose more muscle […]

    • The Link Between Low Testosterone and Belly Fat

      Belly fat and low testosterone is a bit of a chicken-or-egg situation. Some studies suggest that low testosterone causes excess belly fat, while others claim that excess belly fat contributes to lower testosterone levels. Although the answer is not perfectly clear, there is an obvious link between the two. Men’s Health reported that a study of […]

    • Gynecomastia and Other Symptoms of Low Testosterone

      Do you have a high sex drive? Quick temper? Low body fat percentage? Then you must have massive amounts of testosterone pumping through your veins, right? Whether this is true or not, it is definitely the most common perception of the rather infamous male hormone. Testosterone is imperative for proper functioning of the male body. […]