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    • Low Testosterone and How It Relates to Your Heart Health

      Testosterone is the dominant hormone in human males. During puberty, testosterone promotes muscle growth, deepens the voice, strengthens bones, and develops the sexual reproductive organs. Once a boy turns into a man, testosterone helps keep muscles and bones strong, energy levels high, and stamina and endurance plentiful. In the most basic physiological sense, testosterone is […]

    • Low Testosterone Defined (And What You Can Do About It)

      For a sports rivalry to be great — think Manning-Brady, Red Sox-Yankees, Lakers-Celtics, Ali-Frazier — both sides must perform at a championship level for an extended period of time. When that happens, everyone’s excited, and everyone “wins” no matter the outcome of any one matchup. You can think of how testosterone works in your body […]

    • The Major Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

      Traditionally the subject has been reserved for the locker room. Only under special circumstances would it be discussed in the presence of females. Men often view it as a sign of aging, weakness, or some sort of disability. The subject? Hormones. The hormonal changes women experience in their 40s or 50s — a drop in […]

    • The Need-to-Knows About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

      How do you know if you have low testosterone or are at risk of developing it? First, it’s important to know the facts of testosterone and how it decreases with age.  Let’s start with how testosterone levels are measured. Your testosterone level can be checked through a simple blood test. Low T Center has an in-house […]