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    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Slow COPD in Men

      A new study shows that testosterone replacement therapy can help slow the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Slated for publication in the journal Chronic Respiratory Disease, the study helped determine whether testosterone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of hospitalization due to respiratory disease for middle-aged and older men with COPD. “Previous studies […]

    • Could Your Low Levels of Testosterone Be Killing You?

      Most men who have reached middle age or beyond have considered their own mortality. Even though it can be an uncomfortable subject, it shouldn’t be ignored — especially in light of a recent study presented to the Endocrine Society in Toronto, which suggests low testosterone may lead to greater risk of death. The study was […]

    • Getting to Know the Reasons Behind Fluctuating Testosterone Levels

      Twenty years ago, the subject of low testosterone wasn’t even a blip on the medical radar screen, and information on symptoms or possible treatments was nonexistent. Fortunately for middle-aged men, medical research has uncovered some truths about decreases in testosterone and its importance to male health. Even with these advances, it’s estimated that only about […]

    • The Link Between Abdominal Obesity and Low Testosterone

      As men approach their 40s, physiologically things begin to change. Energy levels dip. Sleep becomes tougher to get. It is easier to gain weight. There are external factors that contribute to this — job and career stressors, increased family responsibilities, possibly some poor behavior patterns. But in reality, even if men are putting forth a […]