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    • The Link Between Low Testosterone and Belly Fat

      Belly fat and low testosterone is a bit of a chicken-or-egg situation. Some studies suggest that low testosterone causes excess belly fat, while others claim that excess belly fat contributes to lower testosterone levels. Although the answer is not perfectly clear, there is an obvious link between the two. Men’s Health reported that a study of […]

    • Gynecomastia and Other Symptoms of Low Testosterone

      Do you have a high sex drive? Quick temper? Low body fat percentage? Then you must have massive amounts of testosterone pumping through your veins, right? Whether this is true or not, it is definitely the most common perception of the rather infamous male hormone. Testosterone is imperative for proper functioning of the male body. […]

    • The Most Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

      Doctors are beginning to realize that, much like menopause in women, men also experience hormonal changes as they age. Declining testosterone levels are actually a pretty routine occurrence. It often begins around the age of 30 and continues as men get older. Many men may not even realize their testosterone levels are low, as their […]

    • 6 Warning Signs You May Be Suffering From Low T

      Age is inevitable, and as we grasp onto our youth, our body continues to remind us that we aren’t as young as we once were. We can see or feel the signs of aging in our skin, hair, and energy levels, but there are other, less obvious signs. In men, the effects of aging can […]