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    • The Major Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

      Traditionally the subject has been reserved for the locker room. Only under special circumstances would it be discussed in the presence of females. Men often view it as a sign of aging, weakness, or some sort of disability. The subject? Hormones. The hormonal changes women experience in their 40s or 50s — a drop in […]

    • The Need-to-Knows About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

      How do you know if you have low testosterone or are at risk of developing it? First, it’s important to know the facts of testosterone and how it decreases with age.  Let’s start with how testosterone levels are measured. Your testosterone level can be checked through a simple blood test. Low T Center has an in-house […]

    • The Mental and Physical Side Effects of Low Testosterone

      Low testosterone has become a hot topic. Doctors and researchers have just begun to understand the ramifications of low testosterone levels. As far as symptoms go, you’ve probably heard about the sexual side effects of low T. But low testosterone levels can account for so much more than a lack of interest in the bedroom. […]

    • How Testosterone Affects Sleep in Men

      Few things feel better than a deep, dreamless, relaxing sleep. But it becomes increasingly harder to get when we are trying to juggle the demands of work and family. Real sleep disturbance, and consequently real fatigue, comes along not when the hours we sleep are reduced, but rather when the quality of sleep is affected. […]