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    • How Belly Fat Can Cause Serious Breathing Issues

      Researchers analyzed information from more than 120,000 people and found that the larger a person’s waist size, the smaller his or her forced vital capacity — the maximum volume of air that a person can exhale after breathing in as much air as possible. In other words, excess belly fat is strongly associated with impaired […]

    • The Secrets Your Belly Fat Is Hiding

      “Six-pack abs” are a fantasy for many men. But if you’ve reached middle age, and you are more sedentary than you’d like to be, then your six-pack probably looks more like a spare tire. There are many theories about the best strategy for eliminating belly fat. Is it as simple as swapping out certain foods […]

    • Why Belly Fat Is Truly Weighing You Down

      Have you run out of notches on your belt? That ever-expanding waistline means you’ve got more than friendly padding. You’ve developed excess belly fat, and that can have serious health repercussions. Doctors have even come up with a cute name for that round belly: the apple. But don’t be fooled by that name. Belly fat […]

    • How to Get Rid of Male Breasts

      For men, one of the worst things in the world is looking down and seeing the dreaded padding beneath your shirt: man boobs. Known as gynecomastia, the condition occurs for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes enlarged male breasts simply mean you need to hit the gym a little harder. Other times they can be […]