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    • Do You Have a Boomer Belly?

      Beer belly, pot belly, spare tire — there are countless ways to describe the phenomenon in many middle-aged men that looks like a basketball lurking underneath their shirt. No matter what it is called, the look is not only unattractive to many, but it also indicates risk of some serious health issues. Having excess fat […]

    • The Real Reason for Your Hard, Fat Belly

      It’s one thing to carry a few extra pounds. It’s quite another to be a man and look eight months pregnant. Even if a man has skinny legs, a flat butt, or thin arms, he can still have a belly hanging over his belt buckle that is not only large, but also hard. That hardness […]

    • The Link Between Abdominal Obesity and Low Testosterone

      As men approach their 40s, physiologically things begin to change. Energy levels dip. Sleep becomes tougher to get. It is easier to gain weight. There are external factors that contribute to this — job and career stressors, increased family responsibilities, possibly some poor behavior patterns. But in reality, even if men are putting forth a […]

    • How Belly Fat Can Cause Serious Breathing Issues

      Researchers analyzed information from more than 120,000 people and found that the larger a person’s waist size, the smaller his or her forced vital capacity — the maximum volume of air that a person can exhale after breathing in as much air as possible. In other words, excess belly fat is strongly associated with impaired […]