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    • Is Your Loss of Sex Drive Due to Your Age?

      It is complexly normal for men to experience some decline in their sex drive as they age. Many factors — emotional, psychological, physical — contribute to this decline, and depending on a man’s relationship status and life responsibilities, certain declines may pose no negative issues at all. Even with some small decreases in libido, many […]

    • What’s the Reason For Your Loss of Libido?

      Women are apprehensive about bringing it up. Men are reluctant to acknowledge it, let alone talk about it. And it is a source of strain on many marriages. What is it? One partner’s loss of libido, or interest in sex. Research shows that women are affected at about twice the rate as men. However, when […]

    • 5 Libido Boosters That Work

      Nothing makes a man feel old like a decrease in his libido, and it can happen any time in his life. Libido has little to do with a man’s age and more to do with his state of mind. In some instances, a low sex drive may be due to a medical issue, poor diet, […]

    • The Truth About Your Lacking Libido (It’s Not What You Think)

      If you have an email address, then you have probably seen plenty of ads for cheap Viagra. Bit by bit, they challenge your manhood with carefully crafted subject lines and promotional offers. This sort of advertising must be working, because we now have a new acronym: ED, short for erectile dysfunction. Don’t Blame ED on […]