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    • Case Study: Influence of Altitude on Hematocrit in Patients Receiving Testosterone Therapy

      Low T Center initiated a pilot study of 160 patients to understand the different responses patients have to injectable testosterone at various altitudes. The study revealed that altitude did not affect patient response to testosterone, but it did affect the volume of red blood cells. Download the case study to learn more.

    • Case Study: High Estrogen After Injectable Testosterone Is Related to Age

      Low T Center studied approximately 36,000 hypogonadal men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to understand the effects on estrogen levels. The data reveals a correlation between age and the conversion of estrogen. Download the case study to learn more.

    • Case Study: Relationship of High Estrogen After Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Age and Loss of Libido

      In an effort to understand the effect of estrogen treatment, as well as estrogen’s correlation to age and libido for men, Low T Center screened more than 34,000 men, half of whom were undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The results revealed that age is likely a variable in converting testosterone to estrogen in men under […]