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    Four Unusual Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    Posted: October 18, 2019

    Low T TreatmentYou may have heard of some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue and a low libido. Did you know that low T can also cause issues with your skin, hand-eye coordination, hair loss and nerve pain? These are some of the several lesser-known symptoms that can be managed with low T treatment.

    Testosterone and Skin

    A lack of testosterone can dry out skin. This in turn may worsen psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions according to a study that was published in “The Journal of Dermatology.” Testosterone replacement therapy can help alleviate this dryness and the exacerbation of other skin problems.

    Testosterone and Visual Motor Skills

    Mental and emotional symptoms, such as poor memory and depression, may indicate low testosterone, but a study published in 2014 also found that it affected men’s visual motor skills, also known as hand-eye coordination. For example, men may notice they cannot catch a ball as readily as they used to or play a video game with as much accuracy. Like many of the other symptoms of low testosterone, men may attribute this to getting older. However, these types of symptoms often are the result of a physical condition that can be treated.

    Testosterone and Hair Loss

    Loss of hair might mean a man has a genetic tendency toward baldness, but it can also mean his testosterone levels are low. This may be particularly true if he is losing hair on his face and body as well. It is always worthwhile getting unusual symptoms such as hair loss checked out to find out if low testosterone treatment might help.

    Testosterone and Numbness and Nerve Pain

    Numbness and nerve pain are commonly associated with diabetes and a few other conditions, but they may worsen for men who have low testosterone. A study published in 2014 found that testosterone may be important in preventing or recovering from nerve damage, whether it is the result of chemotherapy, an injury or something else. Men who are experiencing numbness or nerve pain or whose numbness and nerve pain is getting worse may be helped by low T treatment.

    Testosterone is such an important hormone in regulating various body functions, and it may sometimes affect the body in ways that are not yet understood. There is a growing body of research on low testosterone and the effects of low T treatment, but there is also much more to learn.

    If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of testosterone or if you just feel off, contact us today by making an online appointment at Low T Center. We can help figure out what’s causing your symptoms and whether you are a candidate for low T treatment or TRT.

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