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    • Mark Cuban Endorses Low T Center

      Mark Cuban Endorses Low T Center

    • The Truth About Your Lacking Libido (It’s Not What You Think)

      If you have an email address, then you have probably seen plenty of ads for cheap Viagra. Bit by bit, they challenge your manhood with carefully crafted subject lines and promotional offers. This sort of advertising must be working, beca...

    • Low T Center Comments on Pending AndroGel Lawsuits Regarding Safety of Testosterone Replacement

      A number of people have asked how the recent FDA inquiries into testosterone therapy, and the related lawsuits brought by AndroGel patients, affect Low T Center. "The answer is that they don't really relate to the medicine we practice at...

    • Case Study: High Estrogen After Injectable Testosterone Is Related to Age

      Low T Center studied approximately 36,000 hypogonadal men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to understand the effects on estrogen levels. The data reveals a correlation between age and the conversion of estrogen. Downl...